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Smoked Spanish Sweet Paprika

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Our Smoked Sweet Paprika is made with sweet, Spanish red peppers dried over an oak fire to impart delicious, smoky flavor. This popular Spanish smoked paprika is used in Spanish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cooking. Add Spanish-style paprika in recipes with chickpeas, spinach or potatoes. 

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Add a good pinch of this sweet Spanish paprika in your favorite recipes where you typically use paprika seasoning, like stews, soups or beans. It adds just the right amount of smoky sweet paprika flavor and great color. Season beef, chicken, pork, seafood and other cuts of meat with Spanish sweet paprika. Mix sweet paprika powder into chili powders or barbecue seasonings to make a homemade BBQ dry rub.

Try with:

Beans: Stir 2 tsp. into 2 cups warm black or pinto beans before serving.

Gazpacho: Use up to 1 Tbsp. per pound tomatoes in your favo

Mac & Cheese Topping: Mix 1 1/2 tsp. with 1 cup bread crumbs and 2 Tbsp. melted butter.

Smoked Spanish Sweet Paprika Q&A

What is sweet paprika?

Sweet paprika comes from Spanish sweet red peppers that are dried and ground into a fine paprika powder.

What is smoked paprika?

Smoked paprika is when dehydrated red peppers are smoked over an oak-burning fire to impart its smoky flavor.

What does smoked paprika taste like?

Smoked paprika tastes sweet and smoky, with that classic paprika flavor & subtle bittersweet notes


What is the difference between smoked paprika and regular paprika?

Smoked paprika has undergone a smoking process to develop its smoky flavor, while regular paprika is just the ground dried peppers.

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